water ripple effect
water ripple effect

About Cambodia Rural Wells

Cambodia Rural Wells is a small NGO (non governmental organization) operating since 2009.

There are three staff members. Two in Colorado who are responsible for the Mission of this Project as well as fundraising. And One in Siem Reap Cambodia who is the Project Manager.

Our supporters are primarily from the U.S.A. but joined by others throughout the World.

Our principles

Sustainable Solutions

Community Empowerment

Impactful Change

water ripple effect
water ripple effect

We believe in implementing long-term, sustainable solutions to provide clean water access to rural Cambodian families.

We work closely with local communities, empowering them to take ownership of the wells and ensuring their active participation in the maintenance and management process.

Our mission is to create impactful change in the lives of rural Cambodian families by improving their access to clean and safe water sources.


Our Team



Cambodian Project Manager