Why Our Projects Are Needed

During the decades of the Civil War under Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, thousands of Cambodians fled from the countryside to neighboring countries to escape death. This included villagers from the provinces of Siem Riep and Oddor Meanchey in NW Cambodia where we operate.  

After the war those who survived were repatriated back to what remained of their villages. Today many villagers in NW Cambodia make a subsistence living by agriculture (cassava), rice, and fishing.

Unfortunately the majority of families do not have access to clean, potable water, electricity or sanitation.

Many still carry water in buckets on their shoulders from nearby ponds or rivers. This water is used for drinking, bathing, washing food, growing vegetables, and watering livestock.

Ben and Karen Little live in Colorado for seven months during Fall, Winter and Spring and five Summer months in Western New York, near Buffalo.

Karen and Ben are both committed to helping others, and have worked on bringing safe, clean WATER to subsistence farmers in rural Cambodian Villages for eleven years.

Karen has a BA Degree in Sociology and Education and a CSW in Social Work. Karen worked for over 30 in the Social Work Profession in many capacities.

Ben has a BA in Sociology and Psychology and had a 25 year career with the YMCA. During that time he worked in many capacities, including Fund Raising. Ben left the YMCA to start his second career as a Cabinet / Furniture Maker for 27 years.

Karen and Ben have been married for 58 years and have three Daughters and seven Grandchildren who also live in Colorado

Saron Soeun, grew up in L’berk Village where he still has family and friends. Under the terror reign of Pol Pot his entire village fled over the Northern border to a UN Resettlement Camp in Thailand. He remained in that Resettlement Camp from ages 5-15

Karen and Ben met Saron in 2009 when he was their licensed tour guide when visiting the Temples of Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia.

​They immediately formed a genuine bond and on the third day Saron took Ben and Karen to Siem Reap Town and introduced them to beautiful families but he pointed out that they did not have potable water, electricity, or sanitation.

​Saron’s vision for his countrymen was to supply their needs for water. So Ben and Karen underwrote a $220 well, but upon our return to Colorado they realized how blessed they where to have these needs supplied every day and emailed Saron that they would like to do more.

Saron Soeun has been our “ boots on the ground” Project Manager since 2009.

He identifies well recipients, contracts with the well drillers and oversees the well drilling.

He educates the families on well use, arranges for filters and electric motors and monitors the condition of ALL wells that have been provided.

Karen, Ben, and Saron are in regular communication via Messenger and Face Time.

Karen and Ben continue to organize annual fundraisers in the United Statesand have visited Saron and the Project in Siem Reap, 43 times since 2009. In Summer 2023 we brought Saron to Buffalo NY to join us as we celebrated our 80th Birthdays, We have become good friends as well as colleagues.

Since 2009 over 600 wells have benefited rural Cambodian families, annual average- 50 hand pump wells and 20 cement pipe wells serving 17 villages and 200 children within the families